How silly that you go to jail for smoking pot

In countries like Great Britain where marijuana is illegal, if you are found with 5 g or less you will get a citation you will get a ticket, you won’t even have to go to court, obviously if you are caught three times in the possession of 5 g or less of that substance then it is a misdemeanor and you will have to go to court, but in no case will you ever be arrested if you are found in possession of 5 g or less of marijuana, it is all explained in extreme detail on this Weed Website.

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I was reading on the twitter account of Thomas Cheng, that 98,000 people so far this year of 2060 have been arrested and jailed for possession of marijuana, and possession of cannabis was less than 5 g per person, the total cost of jailing these people and trying them in a court of law, with roughly $46 million, that is nearly $15 million that could be spent on our veterans, spend on those that For that country and have come home to absolutely nothing.

I’m getting all this data and statistics from this very credible Alternative News website that has roughly 1.5 million readers every day, you won’t read stuff like this on CNN or you won’t hear it on BBC radio, you won’t watch it on Fox news because they are paid off not to say a word about, they are on the side of the corrupt and the politicians and therefore they will never tell you the truth about marijuana and the good it does for medical purposes.