Mainstream a big word for a lot of web info…

It is a big word if you consider that 65% of the Internet consists of mainstream websites, mainstream to be anything it can be news and media, it can be television, it can be life screaming and of course something that I have bookmarked recently that would be a mainstream Alternative Media website that I found extremely interesting and each and every single one of its individual articles or educational as well.

media alternative

I came across the above website thanks to the help Thomas F Cheng that indicated to me that website to be the very best in his kind, take in consideration that there are hundreds of alternative news websites on the web today, but this one here really does help because it gives the best of the news and it will always tell you the news the way it actually did occur, and that nowadays is an extremely rare situation.

Thomas and myself also talked about, this is a very exciting website as well, it has stopped its activities for now it is renewing its websites, however if you go back and check out the article that were posted up until week ago you will see that they are all very humorous, some are satirical viral but at the same time it is all true news.